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I’m a healthy gut coach,i help people lose weight and fix gut issues.

Below are healthy gut coaching packages.

Intro Package

One coaching call to help you develop your diet plan,lifestyle change and answer any healthy gut questions you have


1:1 Healthy gut coaching package

24 Session package at 600usd 8 Private coaching calls per month to keep you focussed and on track Nutritional assessment to get you started,progress charts each week 7 day meal plan.Step by step guide on diet plans and lifestyle modifications, programs that reverse & normalize blood pressure,cholesterol,blood sugar,Ulcer,weight loss & flat belly challenge. One time payment for 3 months. Send message via e mail with your invoice after payment for appointments & sign up. e mail address or


1:1 Healthy gut coaching package

Same as one time payment program but. 3 times payment for 24 session package at 750usd. 250usd for 8 sessions (1 month) Send message with invoice of payment to this e mail address or for appointments and sign up


Group coaching package

Group programs bring people with similar goals together which motivates to reach your set goals faster. Weight loss program only for 3 months,OR 14 day flat belly challenge. One time payment at 20usd. Send invoice via whatsaap Check our contact number on this site This program is done on whatsaap only


Bulletproof Coffee

This product contains MCT oil that aids in weight.It helps to burn more calories and reduces appetite


All Natural Supersorb

This product helps to maintain a healthy weight and lowers bad cholesterol


Enzyme Oolong Tea

This product is for high blood pressure,high blood sugar and weight management


All natural enzyme powder

Probiotic supplement that is rich in fiber.It is used as a detox drink


Enzyme liquid

This product treats digestive issues like ulcer,heartburn, autoimmune conditions and constipation


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